Shridi Sai Temple of charlotte

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Charlotte Sai Baba Temple is registered as a charitable, non-profit organization located in the metropolitan Charlotte, North Carolina. The primary objective of Charlotte Sai temple is to facilitate worship services similar to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir in Shirdi, India. This Organization is dedicated to sponsor and support religious, spiritual, cultural and educational activities in the United States and abroad.

Charlotte Sai Baba Temple has been organizing worship services since its inception. Sai Pallaki Yatra is being conducted every month in different communities of Charlotte where Baba is taken in a majestic palanquin procession. Baba’s Padukas, picture and Satka would be taken in the Palki as a procession. After Charlotte Sai Baba’s temple construction is completed, a special worship service will be conducted every Thursday evening that includes Samoohika Vishnu Sahasra Nama Parayana, Shri Sai Ashtothara, Sri Sai Satcharita Parayana, Bhajans/Kirtans, and Shej Arati followed by Mahaprasad.

In addition, all major religious functions such as Sri Rama Navami, Guru Pournima, Gokul Ashtami, Maha Shivaratri, Baba’s Maha Samadhi Day and Datta Jayanti are celebrated with utmost devotion.

With the Grace of Baba, Temple trustees purchased approximately 35.5 acres of land in Indian Trail, NC and performed Ground Breaking Cermony on October 2, 2016 and with more than 1000 Sai Baba devotees participating in the event.

The temple is being designed considering Hindu Vaastu principals and shall take advantage of prevailing environment for both natural energy as well as energy efficiency. Additionally the building shall be designed considering phased construction and future expansion capabilities. The project design will include spaces required for the temple based on the program provided by the temple trustees and other ancillary spaces required for the function of the temple. Some of the spaces are as listed below:

1. Main Mandir
2. Gurusthan
3. Dwarkamai
4. Chavadi
5. Pujari room (Priest’s work, storage and lay down areas)
6. Shoes/Coat Racks/Hand wash and Drying area
7. Toilet facilities
8. Temple Office/Gift/souvenir shop and Library
9. Multi purpose hall with stage (for classrooms, meditation/bhajans)
10. Priest’s residence 
11. Exterior landscaped garden with walking paths, benches and fountains
12. Guest Rooms for Devotees to stay overnights.

Other objectives of Shridi Sai Temple of Charlotte are to promote Baba’s philosophy of communal harmony and welfare of all beings; conduct charitable activities such as medical aid; provide relief to people affected by natural calamities; organize shelters to the homeless; arrange feeding of the destitute and other (Annadanam); translate, print, publish or distribute books, periodicals and literatures to promote the goal and objectives of the organization; sponsor or support charitable, religious, spiritual, cultural, or educational activities or organizations in the United States and abroad.

Shridi Sai Temple of charlotte